Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beauty of Comilla Railway Station - Part 1

Construction of the biggest Flyover in the country is ongoing in Dhaka city which is between Gulistan and Jatrabari, name is Mayor Hanif Flyover. The construction has started before two or three years and hope it will get ready within the next two or three months in this year.

Due to the construction work of this Flyover, the areas around Saidabad and Jatrabari facing lot's of traffic jams as a regular basis. Personally, I always need to go to my home district Comilla often. The normal journey time between Dhaka to Comilla is 1.30 to 2.00 hours by bus, but due to the traffic jam in these areas sometime it could exceeds 4,5,6, . . or more hours.

But, if you want to go from Dhaka to Comilla by Train, you will need 3.30 to 4.00 hours (for standard train in Bangladesh). To save my time and from the fear of the Traffic JAM, I traveled a lot by the train between Dhaka and Comilla.

And I've got lots of chances to capture some beauty moments of the Railway Station inside the Comilla City. Here are some of those Pics captured:

Google Map Screenshot of the Comilla Railway Station and around:

East side main entry road to the station:

Front side of the station:

Inside platform of The Comilla Railway Station: 

View from South side (Dharmapur End):

View from North Side (Shashongasa End):

View from the North-West side of the railway station platform:

View from North-West side of second platform:

Station view from the South-East side:

Station view from the South-West side of second platform:

View from South-West side of the Comilla Railway Station in several times:
Winter, Spring and Rainy season:

The Station at winter night:

Incoming at night:


South side view from from the top:

North side view from the top:

That's all for this post.


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