Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Collection of Pics - 5

Hello Viewers,
I born in Comilla district and I've got my own Love and Passion about my own birth place. I am sharing some pics of various places I traveled in Comilla district (almost all shots were taken using Nokia-E72 and a very few has been collected from the web). This collection of photos are mainly inside the City.

You can take a look, and give a little try to find your own memory, like me ! And your valuable comments are most welcome !

What do you think ? 
Can you remember anything from your own memory ?

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sultan ahmed said...

Thank you for your generous effort to highlight comilla. I can relate with you completely. I am from chandina

sultan ahmed said...

Thans for your generous effort. I am from chandina and i can relate to you.

Saiful said...

You are welcome !
And thank you too 4 your comments !