Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homna - Meghna - Dhaka new Road

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Watching various places around world using the Google Map is one of my favorite. I often do it, to see my birth place, where I live, where I lived . . etc.

The images in this post is mainly some screenshots of the Dhaka - Meghna - Gazaria - Homna bypass which started before some years ago. Last year when I saw the progress of the Bypass, the overall progress of the construction is little bit slower. It will take some more time get completed.

Images in this post are mainly, screen-shots of Satellite View of the area from Google Map service. This map service is really really helpful. Real images has been taken from Mathavanga, Homna and Gazaria, Dhaka-Chittagong-Highway (near Bashundara Industry).

Some generated JPEG images using Google Map (satellite view), present road-way for Dhaka - Homna and the future road-way after completing the new Homna-Meghna road / bypass:

In the new road / bypass, there are lots of bridges (small / big). Some screenshots of those bridges are as follows:

These are real pics, taken within the last week:

Thanks a lot viewing / reading this post.

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