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Dhaka to Comilla and Comilla to Dhaka

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This post will tell you about various passenger communication services (Bus, Train) from Dhaka to Comilla and Comilla to Dhaka. The official distance from Dhaka GPO to Comilla GPO is 97 Kilometers. Bus services starts from various parts in comilla town, such as, Shashon Gasa, Jangalia Bus Stand, Paduar Bazar, Comilla Cantonment etc. And from Dhaka, buses are specially starts from Sayadabad, Kamalapur etc. The standard journey time is around two hours between the two cities.

During the year 1996 / 1997 when I was a student of Comilla Victoria College, there was various bus services from Dhaka-Comilla. Some of these was Asha, Peoples, Prime, Daewoo, Tisha and K-Ali etc. K-Ali was an old and famous bus service from Dhaka-Comilla or Comilla-Dhaka, the meaning of K Ali is Karam Ali (one of my school teacher told me about that !).

There are total 16 Upazila in Comilla district. Almost from every upazila's has direct Bus service to the capital of Bangladesh. Later in my other posts I will give a little description about all the upazila's / thana's communication services. So, communication services from Comilla City to Dhaka city is the main topic of this post.

As on February 2013, The standard fare for AC service is between 200 to 220 BD Taka and for Non AC services is between 120 to 170 taka. Since the fare is changing regularly by the changing of oil / gas prices! I used to travel a lot between Dhaka and Comilla by both the bus and the train services. 

BRTC Bus Service (AC):
Comilla stand: BRTC Bus Depot, Station Road, Comilla
Contact: 081-61988, 01759-953154

Comilla Cantonment: 019-17428600, 018-26515499

Dhaka stand: BRTC Bus Depot, Kamalapur, Motijheel, Dhaka
Contact: 017-70493775

Tisha Exclusive Bus Service (Non AC):
Comilla stand: Shashon Gasa Bus-stand
Contact: 019-48617154, 017-11232324, 017-11245255

Dhaka stand: 5th Lane, Saydabad Bus-stand, Dhaka
Contact: 019-14312083, 017-31217322

Asia Line / Asia Air Con Bus Service (AC and Non AC):
Comilla stand: Shashon Gasa Bus-stand
Contact: 081-72642, 017-16359563

Dhaka stand: Saydabad Bus-stand
Contact: 017-16359563

Upakul Travels (Royale / Platinum) AC Bus Service:
Comilla stand: Jangalia Bus-stand (near Thomsom Bridge), Comilla
Contact: 019-81002931, 019-81002934

Paduar Bazar, Comilla: 019-81002939

Comilla Cantonment: 019-81002940

Dhaka stand: Kamalapur (near BRTC Bus Depot, Dhaka)
Contact: 019-81002932, 019-81002942

Prime, Prince, Cordova and lots of other Bus services for Dhaka to Comilla:
Comilla stand: Comilla Highway (Bishwaroad, Paduar Bazar)
Dhaka stand: Saydabad Bus-stand

You can also travel (Dhaka - Comilla) via various mail and express Trains of Bangladesh Railway. For more info about various train / rail services please visit the web portal of Bangladesh Railway.

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