Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Virus Disinfectant Tunnel | Booth in Bangladesh

A Disinfection Tunnel / Disinfectant Gate / Sanitizing / Sanitization tunnel or booth is actually an open-air shower that allows people to disinfect their cloths, shoes, and uncovered part of the body. The disinfectant is atomized into a fine mist made up of tiny droplets. This booth or tunnel is like a mobile sterilization tunnel or chamber.

Sanitary and decontamination Tunnels and Gates represent a safe protection and entry for everyone, in particular for those who work in close contact with groups and are therefore at higher risk. It can be installed at the entrance of public offices, pharmacies, banks, hospital, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, ports, bus or railway stations and port etc. It is suitable for all private companies who need to sanities the workforce, goods, vehicles and materials. Such type of tunnel will help contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Several predictions say that the COVID-19 situation will not stop immediately. The global sanitizing tunnels market is majorly driven due to continuous spread of coronavirus worldwide which boost the demand of sanitization of outer human body, animals, places, goods and everything that may contain the virus for short term or for longer period. Although, the spread of virus is mainly reported through droplets that are transferred from human to human. But surfaces also accounted to hold the virus, which require continuous sanitization with the mist of chemicals.

Most of the sanitizing system of a Disinfection Tunnel is, if someone walks into the tunnel, the 360-degree spray inside the tunnel will automatically create a dense fog of disinfectant liquid. It is believed that the fog will clean most of the germs on the clothes, shoes and uncovered areas of the human body. The sprayed disinfectant liquid will be so tiny that the clothes of the person walking inside the tunnel will not get wet and they will not feel uncomfortable.

Using a heavy duty high-pressure pump, the disinfectant spraying technology can be used in a crowded place without any interruption. Some providers are working on controlling the tunnel using a central management system so that it can be operated automatically.

Such type of Disinfectant tunnels can be set up at the entrance of Hospitals, Government Offices, Banks, City Corporation, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Communities, Super shop or Markets, Shopping Mall, Railway or Bus Stations, Air Ports, Factories etc.

Disinfection Tunnel Service in Bangladesh:
Depending on the present serious condition of COVOD-19 coronavirus in Bangladesh, some company has started to provide virus Disinfection service in Dhaka and other cities. They provide effective office disinfection to minimize infection and therefore disruption to you.
  • On Saturday 9 May 2020, Bangladesh Army installed a disinfection gate at Shahid Hasan Chattar area of Chuadanga town.
  • Recently the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has installed disinfectant tunnels at the entrance of each and every police station in efforts to protect its staff and service seekers from the Coronavirus.
  • The ICT and Innovation of the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB) has built a disinfection tunnel using local technology named Nirapad Nagarik Chamber.
  • The Magura Municipality authority installed two disinfecting tunnels on 18 April 2020 at the two entrances to the town.
  • On the third week of April, an organization of volunteers named Artonad has set up two virus disinfection tunnels at Rajarbagh Central Police Hospital and Mirpur-6.
  • Recently some ex-students of Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) has made a disinfection chamber for Doctors and Hospital workers. 

People of Bangladesh are fighting against spread of the COVID-19. To protect office employees, workers in any business organization, it is very important to get sanitizing properly. At the present situation, the Disinfection Tunnel / Booth Service in Bangladesh can help a lot to decrease spreading the viruses.