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The Comilla University - For Better Education

A little information’s about The Comilla University:

The people of Comilla had a demand to establish a public university on the land of Comilla District for a long period of time. Based on the info provided on the web portal of the Comilla University, Although Comilla University was supposed to be established in 1962, the people from all walks of life had to wait for more than 40 years.

The executive committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved one project for Establishment of twelve science and Technology Universities in the country during the period of 2001 and one of these was planned to be established in Comilla. But instead, the parliament of Independent Bangladesh granted a general university and its charter in Comilla on May 8, 2006 as the 26th public university under which the university is being operated.

This University formally started its journey on May 28, 2007 through orientation program of  2006-2007 academic year with a number of 300 students and 15 teachers enrolled in seven departments under four faculties.
  • Department of Mathematics under the Faculty of Science,
  • Department of English under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities,
  • Department of Economics and Public Administration under the Faculty of Social Science and
  • Three departments (Accounting and Information Systems, Management, Marketing) under the School of Business.
Every year new subjects are being introduced to boast up higher education and research to keep pace with the international and modern world.
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was introduced in 2008-09 session.
  • Department of Bangla, Department of Anthropology, Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)) was introduced in 2009-2010 session.
  • Three new departments (Physics, Chemistry and Statistics) have been opened in the academic session 2010-2011.
At present Comilla University is running with more than two thousand students in different batches, 85 teachers and 75 stuffs devoted to conducting teaching and research.

The Comilla University has started its journey just before a few years and I think, not only the people of comilla but the whole nation will get benefited. For further more, for latest circulars, results please visit the official web portal The Comilla University.

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