Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Activities of LGED Comilla - Roads and Bridges

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Below is the list of present activities of the LGED Comilla has been collected from the official web portal of LGED of the Government of Bangladesh. At present, various projects are running in Comilla District. Growth Center Market, Union Parisad Complex Bhaban, Server Station for Electoral Database Project, Roads and bridge etc are implementing by different project of LGED at this Comilla district.

List of few project’s:
  • Second Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project: (RIIP-II)
  • Rural Transport Improvement project (RDP-26)
  • Construction of Large Bridge on Upazila and Union Road Project
  • Greater Comilla project

List of few important on going scheme’s name given below:
  • Improvement of Homna - Megna HQ up to Farry Ghat Road at ch. 2+548km-9+70km under Meghna / Homna upazila, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Barura Bazar- Adda GC Road at ch. 0+00km-9+380km under Barura upazila, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Nangalkot - Doulkhar - Boxgonj Road at ch. 0+000km- 15+080km under Nangalkot upazila, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Homna - Megna HQ up toFarry Ghat Road at ch. 1+200km-8+975km under Meghna/Homna upazila, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Homna – Dulalpur Road at ch. 0+000-9+970km under Homna upazila, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Batakandi-Raypur Road at ch. 0+000-14+235km under Titas upazila, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Jaforgonj GC- Pirgonj GC Road (ch.0+00Km-15+848Km), Upazila : Debidwar, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Laksham–Juktikhola Road (ch.0+00Km-9+410Km), Upazila : Sadar South, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Eliotganj-Krishnapur Road at Ch. 0+00 to 6+705km,
  • Improvement of Batakandi GC - Daudkandi GC via Mohonpur road (Ch. 00-9425m) including 04 nos RCC Bridge of 168m span (50m, 40m, 30m & 48m), Upazila: Titas, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Songchail RHD Road- Ramchandrapur GC Road via Bangora GC (ch. 00-9990m) including 03 nos RCC Girder Bridge of 184m span (60m, 54m & 70m), Upazila : Muradnagar, Comilla.
  • Improvement of Baterchar-Omrakanda road (Length 9.03km) including 850m span Bridges/Culverts
  • Construction of 63.00m Girder Bridge on Daudkandi-Mohanpur -Launchghat road at ch. 7750m under Meghna upazila, Comilla.
  • Construction of 150.00m Girder Bridge on Amtali-Alekharchar GC-Purbohara-Barashar bazar RHD-Rasulpur GC road over Gomti River under Sadar upazila, Comilla.
  • Construction of 418.80m PC Girder Bridge on Omrakanda-Baterchar road over Khatalia River under Homna upazila, Comilla.
  • Construction of 304.80m PC Girder Bridge on Manikarchar-Meghna road over Pararbandha River under Homna upazila, Comilla.
  • Construction of 324.80m PC Girder Bridge on Mohammedpur-Omrakada Kheyaghat road over Matiyara River under Meghna upazila, Comilla.
  • Construction of 179.92m PC Girder Bridge on Baterchar Meghna HQ-Mathabanga-Gouripur-Homna road under Meghna upazila, Comilla.

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