Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dhaka-Comilla Hwy Widening and Straightening- Part 1

The portion between Kanchpur and Daudkandi of the National Dhaka - Chittagong Highway, is already a Four Lane highway. Now the Construction work of Widening and Straightening (4-lane) of the National Highway portion from Daudkandi to Comilla is ongoing in full-rhythm.

In this post some images of the highway portion between Dhaka to Comilla highway has uploaded.

Present Four-Lane DHK - CTG Highway:

Present Images of Two-Lane portions between Comilla and Daudkandi:

Highway Jam near Madhaia, Chandina in Two-Lane portion:

Some images of the Widening and Straightening process of the DHK-CTG HWY, between Daudkandi and Cantonment, Comilla:

Thanks a lot viewing this post. Hope the Widening and Straightening of the Dhaka - Chittagong Highway get completed soon that we all get benefited from this.

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