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Ground Resources - Natural Gas in Comilla District

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This post is a little about Underground Natural Resources (Gas) in Comilla District. There are some running natural Gas Fields in Greater Comilla region. In this post I am giving a little descriptions about the two Gas-Fields in comilla district, Bakhrabad and Srikail, both of these fields are in Muradnagar district, Comilla.

Bakhrabad Gas Field:
Bakhrabad gas field lies in the Muradnagar upazila under Comilla district some 40 km away to the east from capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Like Titas and Habiganj fields Bakhrabad gas field was discovered by the Pakistan Shell Oil Co. Ltd. in 1969. The Bakhrabad anticline, as defined by seismic, is a narrow, elongate almost symmetrical fold about 69 km long up-to 10 km wide.

Total recoverable gas reserves of this field re-estimated by Hydrocarbon Unit is 1,387.00 billion cubic feet (BCF). Commercial gas production from this field was started in 1984 and till February 28, 2013 total 736.938 billion cubic feet or 53.13% percent of reserves has been recovered.

Total 8 (eight) wells have been drilled at 2 (two) nearby locations. Of these wells, only one well is vertical while remaining seven wells are of deviated type. After completion of all wells, maximum 210 million cubic feet of gas was produced daily from all wells of this field in 1992. In February 2013, average 30.176 million cubic feet of gas is produced daily from 5 producing wells of this field while production from other 3 wells remain suspended due to water loading in the production string.

Produced gas is processed in 4 nos. Solid Desicant Silicagel type gas process plants and supplied to the transmission pipeline of Bakhrabad Gas System Ltd. (BGSL). Present condensate/gas ratio and water/gas ratio of this field are 0.451 and 29.17 bbl/million cubic feet respectively. Condensate produced at Bakhrabad and Meghna gas field of BGFCL and heavy condensate from Salda, Semutung and Fenchuganj gas field of BAPEX and Bangura gas field of TULLOW are fractionated into MS (Petrol) and HSD (Diesel) in the fractionation plant of this field. The products are being sold to Meghna Petroleum Ltd. & Padma Oil Company Ltd.

With a view to increase the sales line pressure of Bakhrabad gas field, M/S. Gas Services International(S) Pte Ltd., Singapore are operating & maintaining Gas Booster compressors at Bakhrabad gas field on rental basis under contract with BGFCL. Sales gas pressure has been increased by the installed Booster Compressors.

New gas field discovered at Srikail in Comilla:
The Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company (Bapex) has discovered a new gas field at Srikail in Comilla district with three potential gas layers. During drilling of the second exploration well, Bapex found three sand layers with all signs of having gas at Srikial on June 23. The Petrobangla chairman Hossain Monsur said ‘It is a discovery. We have received gas flow at a rate of around 16.5 million cubic feet a day with a pressure of 1,700 Pounds per Square Inch Gauge during an 8-hour drill stem test (DST) since 9:00 am from the second well at Srikail. But it would take a few more days to assess the size of the gas field and the amount of recoverable gas,’.

BAPEX would supply gas from the reserve from September, 2013 and Bapex was conducting DST at a gas containing layer between 3,020 meter and 3,040 meter beneath the surface. The layer is called D-sand lower which has its upper part at around 2,950 meter depth. The Petrobangla chairman also said that Bapex would conduct DST at D-sand upper and another layer called C-sand.

Yusuf Harun, the director of Srikail gas exploration project, said that the company would supply gas by 30-35 mmcfd from the newly discovered field In 2004, Bapex drilled the first exploration well at Srikail but failed to hit the gas reserve. Later Bapex was not given a second chance till 2008. But the government wasted almost four years in giving approval of the project.

Petrobangla leased out hydrocarbon block-9 in Comilla to an Irish oil company Tullow under a production sharing contract. Tullow won the hydrocarbon block-9, where Bangura Gas Field is located, virtually making no investment to find it out. The Irish oil company supplies more than a 100 million cubic feet of gas per day to the national grid for last few years from Bangura Gas Field. While from the field’s well number 5 it has been producing 40 mmcfd gas for last three years.

The well at Srikail was dug out of the initial assessment that it had a medium size gas reserve at depths between 2,930 metres and 2,940 metres. In early March this year, Bapex began drilling the second well at Srikail although the National Economic Council approved the Tk 81.12 crore project proposal in July 2008.


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