Sunday, April 21, 2013

Highway Hotels, Restaurants in Comilla

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In this post I am showing you some images of Dhaka - Chittagong Highway Hotels and Restaurants in comilla district. The highway is one of the busiest road in Bangladesh. The Comilla is in the middle part of this National DHK - CTG Highway. So, the maximum  umber of Restaurants / Cafes are located in this district.

This is the first post in this series. Below are some images of DHK - CTG Highway Hotels and Restaurants:

MIAMI Leisure Spot, Near Alekharchar Bishwaroad:

Hotel Noorjahan - Paduar Bazar Bishwa Road:

Chandu Hotel and Restaurant - Paduar Bazar Bishwa Road:

The Aristocrat, Comilla:

Doly Resort, Hotel and Restaurent, Chauddagram:

Hotel Geeen View, Chauddagram:

Off-Beat Resort Ltd, Comilla:

Hotel Highway INN, Comilla:

Matri-Vandar Hotel and Sweets, Comilla:

VITA WORLD Restaurant, Comilla:

Wish you a happy and great journey-break-eating (!) in these beautiful and quality restaurants. Thanks a lot for viewing this post.

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Matri Vandar Comilla said...

They have only one branch in Bangladesh. But you will find lots of outlet at many places at Comilla.