Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Growing Skyline of Comilla City - part 2

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This is another post about the growing Skyline of the Comilla City. You can click HERE to read my other post about the the sky of comilla: The SKY of the City is Changing! Some images has been uploaded on that post of the Comilla city / town (high-rises / skyscrapers / buildings) of Comilla City. Those shots were taken using a Nokia E-72 handset.

But today, images that I am going to share with you in this post, taken using a Panasonic camera. I went Comilla before three days ago and come back yesterday to Dhaka (8th April, 2013). Skyline shots has taken from various high rises buildings in the city, using Digital Cameras and smart handsets.

In this post I am going to share with you some of these pictures. If the present constructions / developments of new High-rises buildings keep continues in the city then within the next five to ten years the Skyline of the Comilla City will change dramatically. The Skyline of the city is growing fast and I think in the near future the Comilla city will be one of the most beautiful city in Bangladesh due to it's own geographical location.

Anyway, take look at....

Kandirpar_Monoharpur high-rises view:

A completed High-rises @ Kandiapar_Ramghat Area:

Comilla Tower Shopping Complex near Comilla Education Board Office area:

High-Rises view in Comilla city - RaceCourse area:

High-Rises by the side of the Rani Dighi:

At present construction work of some 20 (twenty) storied high-rises are ongoing in the city, the total number may be more than twenty. Can you imagine the future Skyline view of the Comilla City after completion of those skyscrapers ? Within next five years the SKYLINE will get a new look.

Below are some Skyline photos of the Comilla city:

Thanks a lot for viewing.
All of the shots were taken on April, 2013 from various high rise buildings in the comilla city. I will try to upload in this blog the latest photos / images of the Comilla City Skyline in the near future !

Thanks again.

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