Sunday, May 5, 2013

City Skylines in the World - Part 1

According to the Wikipedia - A Skyline is the overall or partial view of a city's buildings and structures against the sky. It can also be described as the artificial horizon that a city's overall structure creates. Skylines serve as a kind of fingerprint of a city, as no two skylines are alike. For this reason news and sports programs, television shows, and movies often display the skyline of a city to set location. The Sky Line of New York City was a new term in 1896, when it was the title of a color lithograph by Charles Graham for the color supplement of the New-York Journal.

The Empire State Building, the Burj Khalifa, The Taipei 101, The Petronas Tower and many more.. are just some of the human-made iconic Tall Buildings / Skyscrapers that make the world's greatest skylines what they are.

Here are some impressive / nice / beautiful skylines of cities in the world. Click to view World Famous Cities Skyline at Night in my another blog.
(Lists are in Ascending order):

Bangkok, Thailand:

Beijing, China:

Boston, USA:

Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Chicago, USA:

Chongqing, China:

Dhaka Motijheel Skyline, Bangladesh:

Dubai, UAE:

Frankfurt, Germany:

Guangzhou, China:

Hong Kong, China:

Huston City, USA:

Jakarta City Skyline, Indonesia:

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia:

London City Skyline, UK:

Macao, China:

Miami City Skyline, USA:

Moscow Skyline, Russia:

City Skylines in the World - 2nd Part 

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