Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dhormo Sagor and Municipal Park - Comilla City

Dhormo Sagor /  Dharma Sagar, which is a large Pond or Lake or Dighi in Comilla city, the Pond has dug during the year 1714 – 1732 by the King of Tripura named Maharaaj Dharmamanikya. The area of this pond is near 10 hectares of land. The Geographical Coordinate is 23°27'52"N   91°10'46"E. History said that at the starting, there was an island at the middle of the Pond.

The Comilla Stadium and Comilla Zila School is located on the Eastern side of the Dhormo Sagor. Comilla Municipal Park, Rani Kutir and Kazi Nazrul Islam memorial hall are on the north side and Rajdevi Maternity, Comilla Women College and a Childcare Center are located on the Southeast side of the Dharmasagar / Dhormosagor. All of these historical marks made this Pond / Dighi and the Comilla City an attractive tourist spot. Various migratory birds visits this spot during the winter which brings an alternate looks of the whole area.

The municipal park is located on the North side of the pond, recently some steps has taken by the City Corporation for the Beautification of the Park. All the images of the Dhormo Sagor and the Municipal Park in this post has taken on May, 2013. 

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