Monday, May 20, 2013

Gouripur, Daudkandi Comilla - Images Part 1

Gouripur is a small town and a Union Parishad in Daudkandi Upazila under Comilla District which is located beside the National Dhaka - Chittagong Highway. Though Gouripur is a very small town but it's a better business place.

Due to the presence of the DHK - CTG Highway and Homna - Gouripur road, the place is developing day by day. The Gomti River which has flown from India and entered into Bangladesh through the Comilla / Agartala border, has finally met with the Meghna River in Daudkandi region. The Gomti River has flown beside Gouripur.

I have taken the shots in this post of some completed and ongoing constructions in Gouripur on May, 2013. Most of the buildings in Gouripur are Shopping Malls and Hospitals. Please take a look:
Google Map Screenshot:

Far View of Gouripur Bazar from Dhaka - Chittagong Highway:

Images taken from the area of Highway to Gomti River Bridge:

Thanks a lot for viewing.

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Professor N.C. GHOSH said...

Part of my childhood I spent at Gouripur. I used to go there from Narsingdi to Narayanganj by train, then to Daudkandi by launch. Later there was launch service directly to gouripur from Narayanganj and there after from Narsingdi. I was a student of Gouripur High School for the period of part of 1958 to 1962. I want to know the name of narrow river besides the Gouripur Village. Dr. N.C. Ghosh,

Saiful said...

Thanks Professor Mr. N.C. Ghosh,
for your comment and sounds good that you have some memories associated with Gouripur, Daudkandi.
Gouriur Village is now a Small Town in Daudkandi upazila and as far as I know, the River besides Gouriur Bazar is the "Gomti River" or a Branch of it", it has met up with the Meghna River at the Comilla / Munshiganj district border. You can use the "Google Map" to see further details.
Thanks again.

Professor N.C. GHOSH said...

I know position of Gomati (not Gomti) river. But I wanted to know the name of the narrow river flows besides Gouripue, Haripur village and Gouripur bazar towards Gomati. I am sure that was not a branch of Gumati, not at all Gumati. I spent many times siting on the bank of that river, was to swim and was rowing there.