Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Homna Upazila Comilla images - Part 1

Homna is an Upazila of Comilla District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. The upazila is famous for its natural beauty and some historic sites. People of Homna fought bravely in Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Homna upazila came into existence in 1918 as Thana. It is learnt that in the long past there lived an influential man named Homon Babu in the present area where the upazila headquarters is located. There is a general belief that the upazila name Homna has been derived from the name of that man Homon Babu. The geographical location of Homna is at 23.6833°N 90.7917°E. The river Meghna and branch of Titas named Sativanga passes through the upazila.

As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, The population of Homna was 211,563, Males constitute 50.21% of the population, and females 49.79%. As per the National Census of the Bangladesh Govt. the population was 1,91,449 in 2001 and the present populations as per the 2011 Census, is 2,06,386 (male: 1,00,245 and female: 1,06,141). Most part of of the Meghna upazila has been derived from Homna upazila.

Viewers / Readers,
Some images of different places in Homna Upazila (including the Pouroshova) in this post, has taken between March – May, 2013. Take a look:

Images inside Homna Pouroshova area:

Outside the Homna Pouroshova:

Some Bridges in Homna:

Thanks a lot for viewing the images.

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