Thursday, June 20, 2013

Images of Debidwar Upazila Comilla - Part 1

Debidwar upazila in Comilla district under the Chittagong Division, came into existence in as a Thana in the year 1931. It is learnt that in the past the present area of the Upazila headquarters was a place of worship to many gods and goddesses meaning Dev and Devis in consequence of which the place was named Debidwar. As per the National Census of the Bangladesh Government the population of the upazila is 4,31,352. The upazila occupies an area of 238.65 sq. km. It is located between 23°29' and 23°42' north latitudes and between 90°59' and 91°05' east longitudes. The upazila is bounded on the north by Muradnagar upazila, on the east by Burichang and Brahman para upazilas, on the south by the Chandina upazila and on the west by Muradnagar upazila.

Viewers / Readers,
Some images of different places in Debidwar Upazila (including Pouroshova) in this post, has taken between April – May, 2013. Take a look:

Thanks a lot for viewing this images. Click the below link to see the Second part:
Devidwar Upazila Comilla Images - Part 2

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