Sunday, June 9, 2013

Muradnagar Upazila Comilla - Image Collection1

The Muradnagar upazila occupies an area of 340.73 sq. km. It is located between 23°30' and 23°48' north latitudes and between 90°52' and 91°04' east longitudes. The upazila is bounded on the north by Nabinagar and Kasba upazilas of Brahmanbaria Zila, on the east by Debidwar upazila and Kasba upazila of Brahmanbaria Zila, on the south by Chandina upazila and on the west by the Homna and Daudkandi and Titas upazilas.

As per the National Census 2011 of the Bangladesh Government, Muradnagar upazila has a population of 5,23,556, which was 4,68,080 in 2001. Muradnagar has an average literacy rate of 50% (male) and 47.8 % (female).

Below are some pics of various places under Recent Muradnagar Upazila, taken on April / May 2013:

Pics around Companiganj / Kompaniganj, Muradnagar, Comilla:

Other Pics:

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