Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jahapur Kamala Kanta Academy and College

Jahapur K K (Kamala Kanta) Academy and College is one of the oldest Educational Institution in Muradnagar upazila under Comilla district which has been founded in the year 1914. Next year in 2014 the institute is going to celebrate their 100 years of completion. I took some pictures of this old and famous Institutions in August 2013.

The name of the first Head Master / Head Teacher of the school was Babu Jogesh Chandra Sen, he has been appointed in the school from the beginning. Take a look at the below two images of the list of all the Head Master / Principle of the institution.

The Institution was started as a High School and served education for a long time, the name was Jahapur Kamala Kanta (KK) Academy. Few years ago it has started its education service as a School & College. The name of the present Principle of the Institution MrMd. Abdul Haque Patwary, he has joined here in 2008. Take a look at the images below, taken in August, 2013. One of my friend Mr.Tushar Kanti Das, who is a teacher of English subject in this institute helped me to do that.

Image of the present Principle and other teachers:

Images of school and college buildings:

College Hostel and Principles house and others:

Images of Jahapur Bazar, Muradnagar, Comilla:

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CNG Refueling Stations in Comilla - Images Part 1

The Comilla District is enriched with natural resources; among those Natural Gas is the main natural resource in the Greater Comilla region. Recently in August, 2013 another new field has started gas raising in Muradnagar upazila near Bakhrabad Gas Field. Due to the facility of availability of Natural Gas there are lots CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Filling / Refueling stations has been built in Comilla district.

The image of CNG Filling / Refueling stations (including Petrol, Octane and Diesel) in this post has been taken from different places by the side of the National Dhaka - Chittagong Highway in the Comilla area between Daudkandi and Chauddagram upazila. Most of the stations are located between Comilla Cantonment and Paduar Bazar. The number of running refueling stations is huge, below are only few images of those:

Click to view Image Collection of CNG Filling / Refueling Stations - 2nd Part


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chandina Upazila Comilla - Pics Collection 1

There is a legend that Mughal Sobedar, Mirza Hossain Ali Khan built a palace in the present place of upazila headquarters of Chandina upazila in Comilla district. He set up a big lamp on a high pillar in front of the palace for fear of tigers. The lamp illuminated the entire area with bright light and local people called the area as Chandi meaning a place of light of the moon. Subsequently the place where the upazila headquarters is located became known as Chandina with some phonetic corruption of the previous name Chandi. The upazila came into existence as a Thana in 1876.

As per the information’s provided in the Wikipedia: Chandina township is a class B municipality, which is located at the extreme north of the upazilla by the Dhaka - Chittagong Highway. The upazila occupies an area of 201.01 sq. km. or 77.61 sq. mile. The upazila is bounded on the north by Muradnagar and Dabidwar upazilas, on the east by Burichang, Comilla sadar and Barura upazilas, on the south by Kachua upazila of Chandpur dustrict and on the west by Daudkandi upazila. The population of the Upazila as per the National Census-2011 of the Bangladesh Government is 3,50,273 and was 3,06,054 in 2001. At present there are 1 Pouroshova, 13 Union Parishads, 121 Mauzas and 223 Villages in Chandina upazila.

Below are some latest pictures of various places in Chandina upazila, most of those taken between April-May, 2013 and the images were taken from buses while on journey through the Dhaka – Chittagong National Highway.


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