Friday, August 2, 2013

Comilla - Debidwar - Companiganj Road

This is a post of image collection. All the images has taken while on the journey from Comilla city - Debidwar - Companiganj, Muradnagar upazila. The road is actually a portion of the Comilla - B. Baria - Sylhet Highway. The distance from Comilla city to Muradnagar Upazila is 45 KM. So the distance from Companiganj will be between 40 - 45 Kilometers.

Comilla Cantonment, Debpur, Kangshanagar, Jafarganj bazar and Debidwar are other common bus-stop's between this road

Comilla Shasongasa Bus Terminal:

Alekharchar, Comilla city entry in Dhaka - Chittagong Highway:

Cantonment, Comilla:

Second World War Cemetery, near comilla cantonment:

Comilla - Companiganj road, near Debpur Bazar:

Near Kangshanagar, Burichang, Comilla:

Near Jafarganj Bazar, Burichang, Comilla:

Near Debidwar upazila, Comilla:

Near Pannarpole and Companiganj, Comilla:

Companiganj Bus Terminal, Muradnagar, Comilla:

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