Friday, August 9, 2013

Eliotgonj - Bakhrabad - Muradnagar Road - Images

This post contain some images of the road Eliotgonj - Bakhrabad - Muradnagar, which starts from north-east side of the Eliotgonj Bazar in Daudkandi upazila under Comilla district, beside the national Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. The road has constructed few years ago, and some direst bus services from Comilla to Bakhrabad (Payra / Paira Service) and Dhaka to Muradnagar (Eliotganj Express) runs through the road. Sometimes the Tisha service of Dhaka - Companiganj use this road as a shortcut instead of using the Dhaka - Cantonment - Companiganj highway.

The official distance is not known to me, you can share with us if you know, please make a comment. The images are taken from CNG vehicle while on the journey between the Bakhrabad and Eliotganj road part. Take a look below (click on the images to enlarge - use Google Chrome for nice view).

Below are the Google_Map Screenshots of Eliotganj, Bakhrabad and Muradnagar:

Images between Bakhrabad and Eliotganj:

Images between Muradnagar and Bakhrabad road:

Thanks a lot for viewing the images.

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