Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A little about Homna Thana

History and Background:
Homna Upazila came into existence in 1918 as a Thana under Comilla district. Nothing is surely known about the origin of the name of the Homna upazila. It is learnt that in the long past there lived an Influential man named Homon Babu in the present area where the upazila office headquarter is located. There is a general belief that the upazila name Homna has been derived from the name of that man Homon Babu.

Area and Location:
The total land area of the upazila / thana is 142.78 sq. km or 55.13 sq. mile. The geographic location of Homna Upazila is between between 23°37' and 23°45' north latitudes and between 90°38' and 90°53' east longitudes. The upazila is bounded on the north by Banchharampur upazila of Brahmanbaria zila, on the east by Muradnagar upazila, on the south by Titas upazila (Titas has been derived from Daudkandi Upazila in 2004) and on the west side by Meghna Upazila which has been derived from Homna and Daudkandi upazila in 2004.

The above map was before the separation of Homna and Daudkandi Upazila. Meghna and Titas thana / upazila has been derived from these two.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Post of the Blog !

Hello Readers and Viewers,

This is the first post of this blog. This blog is about my place of birth Homna, a Upazila / Thana of Comilla District in Bangladesh.

Its my personal blog, I have some other Blogger and WordPress blogs which I will share in my upcoming posts. I am a professional blogger and was blogging since 4/5 years.

In this blog I will post my loves, my emotions, memories, interests passion about Homna, Comilla. And some Description, NEWS, Views about this Thana and People of Homna, their life styles etc will get placed in this Blog. You will see some Photos !

Hope you will enjoy, See you in touch !