Sunday, November 4, 2012

Liberation War and other Historical Events in Comilla

Marks of the War of Liberation 1971:
Mass killing sites: Total 5, Laksham, Comilla Cantonment, Homna, Beltali and Rasulpur.

Mass graves at Betiara, Muzaffarganj, Nagaripara, Cantonment, Krishnapur, Dhananjay, Dilabad and Laksham Bidi Factory.

Memorials at Comilla Victoria College, Betiara, Police Line, Cantonment, Laksham, Polytechnic Institution and Haratali.

Some Historical Events:
Peasants Movement against the king of Tripura in 1764 under the leadership of Samsher Gazi is a notable historical event.

Communal tension spread over Comilla when a Muslim was shot at Comilla town during the PARTIITION OF BENGAL in 1905. During the preparation of a countrywide HARTAL on 21 November 1921, protesting the visit of India by Prince of Wales, Kazi Nazrul Islam composed patriotic songs and tried to awaken the town people. During this time Avay Ashram, as a revolutionary institution, played significant role. 

Poet Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi visited Comilla at that time. In 1931, the British Gurkha soldiers fired indiscriminately and killed four persons of village Mohini of Chauddagram upazila when about four thousand peasants of this village revolted against paying land revenue.

In a huge peasant gathering the police fired at Hasnabad of Laksham Upazila in 1932. Two persons were killed and many wounded in this firing.


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