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Titas Upazila came to existence in 2004 under Comilla

History and Background:
Titas Upazila came into existence in 30 March 2004. Formerly it was included in the Daudkandi Upazila. Nothing is definitely known about the origin of the upazila name. The upazila is situated on the bank of the River Titas. It is generally believed that the upazila might have derived its name from the name of the River Titas

Area and Location:
The upazila occupies an area of 109.30 sq. km. It is located between 23°25' and 23°39' north latitudes and between 90°31' and 90°53' east longitudes. The upazila is bounded on the north by Homna Upazila, on the east by Muradnagar Upazila, on the south by Daudkandi Upazila and on the west by Meghna Upazila and Gazaria upazila under Munshigang district.

Some useful information's about Titas Upazila / Thana taken from Bangladesh National Census Report - 2011:

Population (Enumerated):
Total Population : 1,84,617
Number of Male : 87,100
Number of Female : 97,517
Urban : 3,532
Rural : 1,81,085
Annual Growth Rate : 1.55

Population (Adjusted):

Total Population : 1,91,641
Number of Male : 90,414
Number of Female : 1,01,227


Total number of Households : 36,068
Urban : 711
Rural : 35,357


Total Area (Sq. Km.) : 109.30
Total Area (Sq. Mile) : 42.20
Density per Square Kilometer : 1689
Density per Square Mile : 4374
Urbanization (%) : 1.91%


Both male and female : 43.0%
Male only : 44.3%
Female only : 42.0%

School / College Attendance Report (between 5 to 24 years):

Both male and female : 51.0%
Male only : 52.2%
Female only : 49.8%

Geographic info:

Total number of Union : 9
Total number of Mouza : 61
Total number of Village : 138
Total number of Pouroshava : 0
Total number of Paura Ward : 0
Total number of Paura Mahalla : 0

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