Friday, August 9, 2013

Eliotgonj - Bakhrabad - Muradnagar Road - Images

This post contain some images of the road Eliotgonj - Bakhrabad - Muradnagar, which starts from north-east side of the Eliotgonj Bazar in Daudkandi upazila under Comilla district, beside the national Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. The road has constructed few years ago, and some direst bus services from Comilla to Bakhrabad (Payra / Paira Service) and Dhaka to Muradnagar (Eliotganj Express) runs through the road. Sometimes the Tisha service of Dhaka - Companiganj use this road as a shortcut instead of using the Dhaka - Cantonment - Companiganj highway.

The official distance is not known to me, you can share with us if you know, please make a comment. The images are taken from CNG vehicle while on the journey between the Bakhrabad and Eliotganj road part. Take a look below (click on the images to enlarge - use Google Chrome for nice view).

Below are the Google_Map Screenshots of Eliotganj, Bakhrabad and Muradnagar:

Images between Bakhrabad and Eliotganj:

Images between Muradnagar and Bakhrabad road:

Thanks a lot for viewing the images.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Comilla - Debidwar - Companiganj Road

This is a post of image collection. All the images has taken while on the journey from Comilla city - Debidwar - Companiganj, Muradnagar upazila. The road is actually a portion of the Comilla - B. Baria - Sylhet Highway. The distance from Comilla city to Muradnagar Upazila is 45 KM. So the distance from Companiganj will be between 40 - 45 Kilometers.

Comilla Cantonment, Debpur, Kangshanagar, Jafarganj bazar and Debidwar are other common bus-stop's between this road

Comilla Shasongasa Bus Terminal:

Alekharchar, Comilla city entry in Dhaka - Chittagong Highway:

Cantonment, Comilla:

Second World War Cemetery, near comilla cantonment:

Comilla - Companiganj road, near Debpur Bazar:

Near Kangshanagar, Burichang, Comilla:

Near Jafarganj Bazar, Burichang, Comilla:

Near Debidwar upazila, Comilla:

Near Pannarpole and Companiganj, Comilla:

Companiganj Bus Terminal, Muradnagar, Comilla:

Thanks a lot for viewing the images.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jahapur Kamala Kanta Academy and College

Jahapur K K (Kamala Kanta) Academy and College is one of the oldest Educational Institution in Muradnagar upazila under Comilla district which has been founded in the year 1914. Next year in 2014 the institute is going to celebrate their 100 years of completion. I took some pictures of this old and famous Institutions in August 2013.

The name of the first Head Master / Head Teacher of the school was Babu Jogesh Chandra Sen, he has been appointed in the school from the beginning. Take a look at the below two images of the list of all the Head Master / Principle of the institution.

The Institution was started as a High School and served education for a long time, the name was Jahapur Kamala Kanta (KK) Academy. Few years ago it has started its education service as a School & College. The name of the present Principle of the Institution MrMd. Abdul Haque Patwary, he has joined here in 2008. Take a look at the images below, taken in August, 2013. One of my friend Mr.Tushar Kanti Das, who is a teacher of English subject in this institute helped me to do that.

Image of the present Principle and other teachers:

Images of school and college buildings:

College Hostel and Principles house and others:

Images of Jahapur Bazar, Muradnagar, Comilla:

Thanks a lot for reading and viewing.

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