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Comilla Victoria Government College - CVGC

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In this post I will give a little information’s about Comilla Victoria Government College. I was an x-student of this famous College which has been established in the year 1899, in Comilla City during the period of British Government. Below are a little history about the College, most info has been taken from official web portal of Comilla Victoria College. If you want to know more details about CVGC, you are requested to click on the provided link.

A little history about CVGC:
In the expansion of education, the Comilla Victoria Government College is a legend of this age in Bangladesh. The institution is one of the most famous and oldest institutions of undivided India during the British period. As soon as one enters through the main gate of the Higher Secondary Section he can meet the marble figure of Roy Bahadur Ananda Chandra Roy, the dedicator of this renowned institution.

Following word are engraved at the bottom of the sculpture :
"In loving memory of Roy Bahadur Ananda Chandra Roy who founded Comilla Victoria College in 1899"
Roy Bahadur Anandra Chandra Roy, a Landlord of the British Period, had established the college on 24 September in 1899. Queen Victoria was the Empress of India from 1876 to 1901. At that time, the district Comilla was also under the rule of the empire hence the college was named as “Comilla Victoria College.” Since the inception of establishment Comilla Victoria College has gone through various changes and developments and has formed finally into a government educational institution of higher secondary under graduate and Post graduate level. It is under the direct supervision of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education under the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh Government.

First Principal of CVGC:
Sattendranath Boshu was the first principal of the college. He was the headmaster of former Comilla Victoria School. He remained the principal of the college till his death. He was a scholar as well as a researcher of literature. He was also a professor of English and was awarded Rabindranath Prize for his outstanding contribution to literature.

Before the division of Indian sub-continent Comilla Victoria Govt. College was one of the best affiliated college of the Calcutta University. The administration of this college came under the authority of Dhaka University after the division of 1947.
  • The college opened E.A Standard (First Arts – First year) at the very beginning.
  • I.A Standard was started within a short period.
  • I.Sc. standard was approved in 1924.
  • There were Honors’ courses an English, Mathematics, Sanskrit, Politics, Economics and Arabic from 1925 till the beginning of 1947.
  • In 1942 the B.S.C course was first introduced in this college.
  • course was started in 1956-57 session.
  • In 1962-63 the college became divided into two sections.
The degree section was established at a pleasant area named Dharmapur about 3 km west from the main college campus or the Higher Secondary Section of the Ranir Digihir Par, adjacent to Kandirpar, which is the heart of Comilla City.
  • With the approval of Dhaka University the Honors’ courses on Bengali and Economics were started after a year in 1963-64 session.
  • After liberation in 1971-72 session Honours courses on five more subjects were introduced in this college in 1971-72, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting and Management.
  • Masters first part on Bengali and Economics was opened in 1973-74 session.
  • There has been ICMA course since 1982.
  • There was a night shift in this college from 1958 to 1968.
  • On May, 1968 Comilla Victoria College became nationalized through an act between the college authority and the then provincial Government.
  • In 1984-85 the Masters 1st part on Economics, Chemistry, Accounting and Management were introduced in Victoria Govt. College.
  • In 1992 Honours courses on 9 more subjects were introduced in this institution.
  • Now there are honours on 18 subjects and masters first and final part are running. Thus the long cherished dream comes true.
The institution is not only importing education but also has influenced largely the educational, moral, social, cultural and political environment of the vast area of Comilla for more than hundreds of years. In every sector of literature, history and culture and in expansion of learning and knowledge the contribution of Comilla Victoria College is praise worthy. Simultaneously the institution had an active role in every revolution in the political history of Bangladesh.

This century old distinguished institution participated in the language movement of the East Pakistan in 1952, in mass movement in 1969 and in the liberation war in 1971 and created its own history successfully. Many students of Victoria College sacrificed their lives and became martyred for their country. Many famous poets, authors, educationalists, artists, journalists, politicians, engineers and doctors etc has completed their education in this institution.

In 21 February 1926 Nobel laurite Robindronath Tagore visited the college and glorified it by his presence. The national poet of Bangladesh Kazi Nazrul Islam composed many of his poems sitting by the side of soroshi at the college premises. Sitting by the side of Soroshi Kazi Nazrul Islam, our national poet composed many of his famous poems at the college premises. Many learned and worthy men of letters were the Principal of this college. In October 1983 the old Victorians Organization was formed by the former students of this college. They built “Sadhinota Soudh” the white marble memorial on the west side of Rani Dighi in memory of martyr of 1971.

The Higher Secondary section and the Degree Section are located in two different campus but they are controlled/directed by a single administration. For more info you are requested to visit the Web Portal.
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Hello, I loved your blog. I wonder if you could help me in a small matter relating to Comilla Victoria College. My great grandfather was Srijukta Sashi Kumar Ghosh and he was also the principal of this college somewhere in 1940's. He was himself a renowned teacher of English literature and a classmate of Suniti Kumar Chattopadhay in Presidency College. Could me enlighten me about his tenure as principal in this prestigious college?