Sunday, March 31, 2013

The SKY of the City is Changing !

I was a student of the Comilla Victoria Government College during the session of 1996-1997. That time the highest constructed building of the Comilla City was only a five storied building and may be there were only one or two building.

But now (in 2013) the sky of the city has changed a lot and the change is increasing dramatically. I took some shots of the sky of the city (taken on February, 2013).
Dear Readers,
You can take a look (click on the pics to enlarge).

Lots of Housing / Developer companies are now doing a well business in this sector and lots of high rise buildings construction is running in Comilla City. Most of the high rises was built on the last five or six years. Twenty storied constructed building is now a common fact in the city. I saw the changing in my own eyes !

Lots of companies like Housing / Builders / Real-Estate / Construction / Developers / Properties, Engineering & Consultants / Interior & Exterior Design are now working on the city to change the sky. Some of those are:

  • Achievement Group of Company Ltd.
  • Aesthetic Property Development Ltd.
  • Agrogami Real Estate Ltd.
  • Amanat Group Ltd.
  • Anandadhara Construction
  • ANIP Engineering Pilling
  • Arch Avenue
  • ARTISAN Group
  • Bhaiya Properties Ltd.
  • Bondhan Group
  • Comilla Adarsha Business Center (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Comilla Engineering & Planning Consultant
  • Comilla Housing Ltd.
  • Comilla Renaissance Development (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Design & Planning Consultant
  • Dubai Real Estate
  • EDIFICE Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Euro-Bangla Group Ltd.
  • Ever Green Living Ltd.
  • Fair Housing
  • Faith Living Limited
  • FAVOURITE Group Ltd.
  • FIMS Building Technology & Consultancy
  • FRAME (Function of Real Estate Architecture Management Engineering)
  • Global Land Development Ltd.
  • Gold Diamond Properties Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gold Silver Homes Ltd.
  • Greeha Nirman Homes Ltd.
  • Home Plan & Design Consultant
  • ICL Real Estate & Developers Ltd.
  • INSAF Business Center Ltd.
  • INTEX Builders Ltd.
  • Jamjam Housing & Development Ltd.
  • JOINT LIFE Real Estate & Developers Ltd.
  • Karnafuly Group Ltd.
  • KOTBARI Holdings Ltd.
  • MAA Gypsum Interior Design & Decor
  • Mission Group
  • Moittry Housing
  • Mother Properties & Development Ltd.
  • Nest Care Architecture Ltd.
  • Nirman Kabbo
  • Orbit Housing & Developers Ltd.
  • Paradise Development & Constructions Ltd.
  • PCL Interior Limited
  • Pentagon Real Estate & Development ltd
  • Plan View Design Point
  • Prevail Group
  • Priojon Properties & Development Pvt. Ltd.
  • Relative Housing & Developers Ltd.
  • RUPAYAN Group
  • Samatat Holdings Ltd.
  • Sarna Kutir Properties Pvt. Ltd.
  • Square Development Ltd.
  • Square Development Ltd.
  • The Structural Engineers Ltd. (SEL)
  • Vission Bangla Group

Monday, March 25, 2013

Newspapers published from Comilla District

Hello Readers,
In this post I am going to tell you a little about some Newspapers (online / offline version) publishing from Comilla District. You can visit their web portal by clicking on the link provided here. Some of the Newspapers runs only web version or printed version but some of the Newspapers publishing in both online and offline.

Name: Daily Comillar Kagoj
Published in: Bangla
From: Comilla

Name: Daily Amader Comilla
Published in: Bangla
From: Comilla

Name: Dainik Comilla
Published in: 
From: Comilla (online)

Name: Comillar Khobor
Published in: Bangla
From: Comilla (online)

Name: Weekly Amod
Published in: Bangla
From: Comilla

Name: Weekly Megoti
Published in: Bangla
From: Comilla

Name: Homna News24
Published in: Bangla
From: Comilla

There are lots of others Newspapers published from all the upazilas in Comilla District. Some of those are:

Samajkantha News Paper
Rupashi Bangla News
Dainik Desh
Bangladesh Time
Dainik Bangla
Abibhadan (1994)
Natunpatra, Samayatra (1967)
Daily Comilla Barta,
Daily Bangladesh Sangbad,
Monthly Manan
Weekly Laksham Barta,
Weekly Nirakkhar

Some Extinct Newspapers:

Tripura Patrika (1876),
Tripura (1932),
Weekly Hindu (1941),
Tripura Guide (1934),
Natun Alo, Pratinidhi, Tripura Hitoshi (1883),
Rayatbandhu (1921),
Niamat (1940),
Sabuj Bangla, Tripura Gyan Prakashani (1860),
Tripura Bandhav (1942),
Kathak (1983),
Rangdhanu, Najat, Abahaman, Daradi (1938),
Yogisammalani (1912),
Comilla Sahitya Parishad Patrika (1985),
Mainamati (1965),
Purbasha, Shikhak Sruida, Alo, Chirkut (1974),
Robi (1924),
Tarun (1938),
Samskriti (1940),
Jagriti (1951),
Apan and Parichaya, Monthly Protiva.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Collection of Pics - 4

Hello Viewers,
I born in Comilla district and I've got my own Love and Passion about my own birth place. I am sharing some pics of various places I traveled in Comilla district (almost all shots were taken using Nokia-E72 and a very few has been collected from the web). This collection of photos are mainly inside the City.

You can take a look, and give a little try to find your own memory, like me ! And your valuable comments are most welcome !

What do you think ? 
Can you remember anything from your own memory ?

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development - BARD Comilla

Hello Readers,
In this post a I am going to tell you a little description, activities, history, functions of the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development – BARD. The academy is located in Kotbari area under Comilla district. Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan, who is the founder of BARD, is well known in Asia and the world for his distinguished leadership of the Rural Development Academy and the Rural Development Experiments at Comilla, Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Comilla is internationally renowned for its various innovative works in the field of rural development in Bangladesh. The Comilla Approach to Rural Development, which is, in fact, a package of mutually supportive development models produced lasting impacts on changing the lives and living environment of the rural poor. On 27th May 2009, BARD celebrated its Golden Jubilee. It has more than 50 years of experiences in the arenas of training, research and action research which could be shared by other countries and people engaged in rural development around the world.

Facilities at BARD:
In the past recent years, some facilities have been developed at the campus to meet the needs of the trainees, visitors and campus residents.
  • There are five hostels including one female hostel, with a total capacity of 280 seats.
  • For organizing workshops, training, seminars, conferences and symposiums there are five Air Conditioned classrooms, four A/C conference halls, one Computer center, one IT lab with 50 computers and a library with about more than 60,000 books.
  • There is a bank, a post office, a telegraph office, a cooperative store, medical center and a sport complex including a tennis court.
  • Adequate residential quarters have been built up for the faculty and staff at the campus.
  • There is a VIP Guesthouse named Bano-Kutir, a cottage with a beautiful sylvan background.
  • There are two verdant hilltops, which are named as Nilachal and Banasri. These are surrounded by a network of roads cum walkways by the side of the hills in the shade of trees of various kinds.

Some functions of BARD as described on their web portal:
  • Conducting various researches in the rural development and allied fields.
  • Conduct training for the Government officials and others about rural development.
  • Test, experiment concepts and theories of rural development.
  • Evaluate the programs and activities relating to the rural development.
  • Provide advisory and consultative service to the government and other agencies.
  • Guide and supervise national and foreign students in their dissertation works.
  • Conduct national and international seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • Help policy planners in the field of Rural Development.

Training facilities in BARD:
The Academy is a designated national training institute in Bangladesh including both officials and non-officials.
  • Officials comprise civil servants, officers of nation building departments and international participants of development sector organizations etc.
  • Non-officials are local councilors, local leaders, and members of co-operatives. Students of educational institutions, member of voluntary organizations etc.
Besides, a large number of imitational clientele including students, scholars, consultants, government officials, members of diplomatic corps and imitational agencies visit the Academy regularly.

Various Researches in BARD:
The academy has been conducting Socio-Economic research since its inception. Research findings are used as training materials and inputs for initiating action research by the Academy itself, and as information materials and policy inputs by the Ministries, Planning Commission and Policy Makers for undertaking development programs. In some particular cases, these are also disseminated among the international agencies and institutions.

Action Research:
BARD conducts experimental projects to evolve models of improved institutions, administrative structures, coordination and methods of production in the country. The project activities usually involve the villagers, development institutions, local councils and government officials. So far the Academy has conducted about 50 experimental projects on various aspects of rural development. Through these pilot experiment's  it has been able to evolve the following rural development models that have already been replicated throughout country as components of the Comilla.

  • Two-tier Cooperatives
  • Thana (Presently Upazila) Training and Development Centre (TTDC)
  • Rural Works Program (RWP) and
  • Thana (Presently) Upazila) irrigation Program (TIP)

Besides, government has been replicating two recent models of BARD which are: Comprehensive Village Development Program (CVDP) and Ecological Sanitation while another recent model has been replicated as Small Farmers Development Foundation (SFDF).

That's all for today, to know more details about BARD please visit their web portal. Thanks.

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Comilla University - for Better Education

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Comilla University - For Better Education

A little information’s about The Comilla University:

The people of Comilla had a demand to establish a public university on the land of Comilla District for a long period of time. Based on the info provided on the web portal of the Comilla University, Although Comilla University was supposed to be established in 1962, the people from all walks of life had to wait for more than 40 years.

The executive committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved one project for Establishment of twelve science and Technology Universities in the country during the period of 2001 and one of these was planned to be established in Comilla. But instead, the parliament of Independent Bangladesh granted a general university and its charter in Comilla on May 8, 2006 as the 26th public university under which the university is being operated.

This University formally started its journey on May 28, 2007 through orientation program of  2006-2007 academic year with a number of 300 students and 15 teachers enrolled in seven departments under four faculties.
  • Department of Mathematics under the Faculty of Science,
  • Department of English under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities,
  • Department of Economics and Public Administration under the Faculty of Social Science and
  • Three departments (Accounting and Information Systems, Management, Marketing) under the School of Business.
Every year new subjects are being introduced to boast up higher education and research to keep pace with the international and modern world.
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was introduced in 2008-09 session.
  • Department of Bangla, Department of Anthropology, Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)) was introduced in 2009-2010 session.
  • Three new departments (Physics, Chemistry and Statistics) have been opened in the academic session 2010-2011.
At present Comilla University is running with more than two thousand students in different batches, 85 teachers and 75 stuffs devoted to conducting teaching and research.

The Comilla University has started its journey just before a few years and I think, not only the people of comilla but the whole nation will get benefited. For further more, for latest circulars, results please visit the official web portal The Comilla University.

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