Sunday, March 31, 2013

The SKY of the City is Changing !

I was a student of the Comilla Victoria Government College during the session of 1996-1997. That time the highest constructed building of the Comilla City was only a five storied building and may be there were only one or two building.

But now (in 2013) the sky of the city has changed a lot and the change is increasing dramatically. I took some shots of the sky of the city (taken on February, 2013).
Dear Readers,
You can take a look (click on the pics to enlarge).

Lots of Housing / Developer companies are now doing a well business in this sector and lots of high rise buildings construction is running in Comilla City. Most of the high rises was built on the last five or six years. Twenty storied constructed building is now a common fact in the city. I saw the changing in my own eyes !

Lots of companies like Housing / Builders / Real-Estate / Construction / Developers / Properties, Engineering & Consultants / Interior & Exterior Design are now working on the city to change the sky. Some of those are:

  • Achievement Group of Company Ltd.
  • Aesthetic Property Development Ltd.
  • Agrogami Real Estate Ltd.
  • Amanat Group Ltd.
  • Anandadhara Construction
  • ANIP Engineering Pilling
  • Arch Avenue
  • ARTISAN Group
  • Bhaiya Properties Ltd.
  • Bondhan Group
  • Comilla Adarsha Business Center (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Comilla Engineering & Planning Consultant
  • Comilla Housing Ltd.
  • Comilla Renaissance Development (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Design & Planning Consultant
  • Dubai Real Estate
  • EDIFICE Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Euro-Bangla Group Ltd.
  • Ever Green Living Ltd.
  • Fair Housing
  • Faith Living Limited
  • FAVOURITE Group Ltd.
  • FIMS Building Technology & Consultancy
  • FRAME (Function of Real Estate Architecture Management Engineering)
  • Global Land Development Ltd.
  • Gold Diamond Properties Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gold Silver Homes Ltd.
  • Greeha Nirman Homes Ltd.
  • Home Plan & Design Consultant
  • ICL Real Estate & Developers Ltd.
  • INSAF Business Center Ltd.
  • INTEX Builders Ltd.
  • Jamjam Housing & Development Ltd.
  • JOINT LIFE Real Estate & Developers Ltd.
  • Karnafuly Group Ltd.
  • KOTBARI Holdings Ltd.
  • MAA Gypsum Interior Design & Decor
  • Mission Group
  • Moittry Housing
  • Mother Properties & Development Ltd.
  • Nest Care Architecture Ltd.
  • Nirman Kabbo
  • Orbit Housing & Developers Ltd.
  • Paradise Development & Constructions Ltd.
  • PCL Interior Limited
  • Pentagon Real Estate & Development ltd
  • Plan View Design Point
  • Prevail Group
  • Priojon Properties & Development Pvt. Ltd.
  • Relative Housing & Developers Ltd.
  • RUPAYAN Group
  • Samatat Holdings Ltd.
  • Sarna Kutir Properties Pvt. Ltd.
  • Square Development Ltd.
  • Square Development Ltd.
  • The Structural Engineers Ltd. (SEL)
  • Vission Bangla Group

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